The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost by Rich Hawkins

My rating: 5/5

Great Britain has fallen to the Plague and the war is lost. The few people left alive scavenge in the desolation of a ruined country. A lone man wanders the ravaged land, looting houses for food and hiding from the monstrous infected. Guilt-ridden for failing to save his family, there is nothing left for him but memories of the old world – until hope is whispered in a radio transmission promising safety and shelter from across the North Sea. He joins a group of desperate survivors and heads for the coast in search of transport and salvation. His last chance to make amends. But will they survive the journey, hunted by the infected and the desperate men who stalk the land? Will they find sanctuary at… THE LAST OUTPOST?

Rich Hawkins takes us on yet another gut-wrenching journey of survival with this outstanding sequel to The Last Plague. It’s a devastating, disturbing and deliciously disgusting telling of a world gone to hell. A highly recommended read which will undoubtedly leave you with a see-saw of emotions and a yearning for more.