Wales Comic Con 2016 Part 2

There is an amazing guest line-up for Wales Comic Con Part 2 already and with five months still to go! Taking place over the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November, WCC once again promises big names, exciting Q&As and the ever popular Cosplay Masquerade, all wrapped up in a fun, friendly, family day out.

No matter your interests, no matter your tastes, there is sure to be something to grab your attention.

Check out the awesome line-up so far:

Film & Media

Artists & Writers


My First Convention

My convention-going days only began back in 2006 when I was madly (and by that I mean totally obsessed) in love with Major John Sheppard (okay, Joe Flanigan). I have always been a huge, huge sci-fi fan since Star Trek graced our screens (and boy am I thankful for that) but conventions, for many reasons, were not as easily accessible to me back then as they are now. But one day, thanks to the Internet (which I only gained access to that year) I spotted a post on Showmasters to say that none other than Joe Flanigan would be appearing at G-Mex in Manchester. So obviously being heavily into Stargate and Stargate Atlantis at the time I had a major fangirl squee going on and booked my tickets, my photoshoot and roped my sons and sister into attending with me…And boy, what a fantastic day we had. We were total ‘con virgins’ at the time and it was certainly an eye opener. A whole new world of ‘geekdom’ was thrown at us and we were completely in our element. It was absolute heaven. After my photoshoot and autograph signing I finally took my ‘Joe Blinkers’ off and we met some fabulous people and even managed to have a photo with The A Team van! Can’t get better than that! But other than that and meeting the fabulous(ly sexy) Joe we met the beautiful and extremely petite Alexandra Bastedo. It was such an honour to meet such a fine actress and such a beautiful person. It’s sad to think that she is no longer with us.

Alexandra and Jayne 2006

Alexandra and Jayne 2006

Jayne and Joe 2006